• Jake Martin
  • Jenna Middleton
  • Imogen Moreno
  • Tyson Guthrie
  • Nina Martin (reason explained later)
  • That KFC dude

Character Info

Jake Martin- Degrassi- He loves chicken, the Chicken King. He has the first known Chicken Fetish and he threesomes with Imogen Moreno and Chicken (in actuality he is Clare Edwards' boyfriend, and does not have a known chicken fetish despite his love of chicken).

Jenna Middleton- Degrassi

Imogen Moreno- Degrassi

Tyson Guthrie- Degrassi- His mother is Jenna Middleton, the Chicken Queen, and his name is Tyson, like the brand of chicken (in actuality he is Jenna Middleton's son she put up for adoption)

Nina Martin- House of Anubis- Reasons for being here and et cetera revealed later.

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