Poached chicken

This technique could possible be one of the worst ways to cook chicken. Probably the enemy of a fried chicken lover. It's chicken without skin. How are you supposed to make some crunchy skin without any skin? It makes no sense. But surprisingly, people eat this shit up. This is also the sluttiest type of chicken. Look at it. It's completely naked. It should be ashamed of itself.

Making Poached ChickenEdit

So you don't need oil or fat which is really stupid. You can poach this in water if you wanna get REALLY healthy. Water doesn't add flavor, but according to, it'll come out "Succulent and Tender". So get creative with your poaching liquid. This chicken is horrible so it's gonna need all the help it can get. So now you gotta put that naked chicken into a pot. Then, you pour your poaching liquid into it. When the liquid starts boiling, reduce the heat. After a certain amount of time, take it out and "enjoy" your chicken. You probably wanna throw this shit on a salad since it's healthy.


Naked Chicken


This should be considered chicken porn