Before editing this wiki, please read these rules and follow them.

  • Do not troll
  • Do not spam
  • Do not post innapropriate matierial on pages aside from your own profile
  • Do not post innapropriate matierial on any pages without thouroughly explaining the content you have linked or posted below is for mature audiences
  • Do not edit other people's profiles without their permission, that is only accepted in the situation of an admin needing to edit something
  • Do not curse other people out; arguments are allowed, but please do not take them to the extremes or you will be kickbanned

You will be immediately warned for breaking rules 1-3 on the regular wiki, however, the rest you may not be warned of right away. In chat, if rules 1, 2 and 6 are broken, you will be kickbanned and dealt with later. If you troll someone, harrass, or insult to the extreme, you will be blocked from the wiki.